2013 T-HT Conference

Over the years T-HT conference Growing Through Knowledge has developed into a prominent event featuring the world’s leading experts, visionaries and thinkers in an exchange of knowledge, insights and the most advanced ideas of our time with the guests. Every year the conference is attended by numerous members of the political and academic communities, employees and science buffs.  

The conference’s program focuses on the importance of acquiring knowledge and on the growth and development of individuals, companies and societies. T-HT conference offers a rare opportunity to rise above everyday topics and problems and to shift the focus to the importance of visions, ideas, innovations and guidelines for a better future. The more long-term perspective that the conference opens up is concerned with improving the quality and the exchange of knowledge itself as one of the key drivers of personal and social development.

The guest of this year’s T-HT conference Growing Through Knowledge is the globally renowned inspirational speaker Alain de Botton, who is going to speak about the crucial role that education plays in the rearing of future generations, in the achievement a of wise and good life, in suitable motivation of employees, in self-affirmation through work, and in making the world a better place through one’s own satisfaction. He will answer the question to what extent work, the place where people are spending an increasing amount of time, can offer true fulfilment in life, and how to choose a job that invigorates the spirit. He will discuss enthusiasm and challenges resulting from innovation, especially in technology, and the importance of interpersonal relations and of maintaining a broad perspective of the world.

Inspired by the idea about the importance of exchange of knowledge as the driver of personal and social development, as well as by turbulent events and constant global and local changes, the first T-HT conference took place in 2008. Eminent individuals that addressed the guests of past conferences include Maestro Benjamin Zander, Conductor of the Boston Philharmonics; Jimmy Donal Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and web entrepreneur; Muhammad Yunus, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Peace and the founder of the bank Grameen; Dan Ariely, distinguished expert in behavioural economy and human behaviour; Jeremy Rifkin, economist, commentator of social events, and founder and president of the Foundation on Economic Trends; Nicolas Christakis, physician and acclaimed social networks researcher; Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan, philosopher and risk manager; Amber Case, cyborg anthropologist declared the most influential woman in technological research by Fast Company magazine; Michio Kaku, physicist, futurologist and one of the most eminent scientists of today; and Sarah Lacey, author of global renown who writes about innovation and entrepreneurship.

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