Dr. Michio Kaku and Sarah Lacy, speakers at this year's conference “Growing through Knowledge”


For the fifth consecutive year, T-HT hosts prominent speakers, experts and scientists known for their clear vision and contribution to the society

On 4 October, Dr. Michio Kaku and Sarah Lacy, world renowned speakers, will come to Croatia to join the conference “Growing through Knowledge”. They will discuss how to spur entrepreneurship in adverse economic conditions and will highlight the changes which science and technology will bring by 2100.

As a prominent physicist, futurologist and one of the most eminent scientists of today, Dr. Michio Kaku will speak about the stunning and provocative vision of the 21st century, based on his own research work and interviews with over 300 world's top scientists, the result being the most authoritative and scientifically accurate description of the revolutionary developments taking place in medicine, computers, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, energy production, and astronautics. Synthesizing a vast amount of information to construct an exciting look at the years leading up to 2100, Kaku will discuss how science will change daily lives in the coming decades and what the future of companies will be like. Mr. Kaku will put a special emphasis on technology dynamics, how far respective technologies will advance and discuss ultimate risks and limitations, especially in the field of economy.

Sarah Lacy, a world renowned writer addressing the topic of innovation and entrepreneurship and one of the most acclaimed women among tech entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley, will focus on characteristics of the entrepreneurial eco-system which is essential for start-up development and success, and inform us about the experience of inspirational and daring entrepreneurs from the whole world who drive the economy in their respective countries despite challenging economic conditions. We are talking here about visionaries who give priority to innovation and creation of opportunities for positive changes, encourage employment and development and change the lives of millions of people. According to social standing results of the Internet tool Twitter Grader, Sarah Lacy is listed among the 100 most powerful women on Twitter. Ms Lacy is the owner of the renowned tech blog PandoDaily.

T-HT's conference has hosted, for five consecutive years, distinguished persons, experts and scientists that contribute to and help the mankind, encourage thinking or move to action, in a recognizable way, with their ideas, thoughts, actions, engagement and projects. It is primarily focused on sharing of knowledge, as one of the key requirements of a successful society.

“Accelerated development of the information and communication technology, which we witness today, requires a change in our mindset. Acquisition of new knowledge which will be necessary in the future, should be an imperative, knowledge which will ensure a more prosperous future and which implies openness to technology and innovations. Accelerated technological development means that knowledge sets required in the future will be different from the present ones, which in turn calls for lifelong learning as a prerequisite for future success. This is why we invite leading thinkers of today to join the T-HT's Conference to share their experience, knowledge and inspire us to think about how to apply their experience in our environment.”, said Mr. Ivica Mudrinić, President of the Management Board of HT, in light of the upcoming Conference.

T-HT's Conference will be held on Thursday, 4 October, in Hypo centar, Slavonska avenija 6, in Zagreb, with a large number of attendees from the economic, intellectual and political scene of Croatia.


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