MAXtv To Go – Television on the Move


The offer of Hrvatski Telekom is now richer for a new service called MAXtv To Go. The service enables the users to watch MAXtv via their computers and mobile handsets. In this way, the users can watch TV program on the additional screens at home, but they can also enjoy a new experience of watching television on the move.

MAXtv To Go is available to both residential and business customers only through T-Com and T-Mobile network. In order to use MAXtv To Go the customer needs to have a computer, tablet or a mobile handset (Apple or Android) and be user of one of HT services: MAXtv/MAXtv Sat with ADSL, MAXadsl or T-Mobile tariffs.

MAXtv To Go is accessed via MAXtv portal ( or mobile MAXtv portal ( Soon the service will be available via mobile applications that can be downloaded from AppStore or Android Store. To buy a specific program packages and to watch TV, the customer needs to have a valid Moj T account and the relevant username and password.

The program offer of MAXtv To GO currently includes three packages with more than 20 different channels broadcasting entertainment, documentary and sports contents. The first MAXtv To Go program package has 15 TV channels broadcasting content of almost all genres; MAXtv To Go Sports Package brings five more sports channels and MAXtv To Go Sports Plus Package includes 8 channels for sport lovers and adult channels. The program packages can be bought separately.

“At the end of last year we started broadcasting the MAXtv service via satellite by which we enabled its use on the locations where the service was previously unavailable. We completed our MAXtv offer with the MAXtv To Go service and we gave our customers the possibility not only to access the tv content via their television sets but via “other screens” as well, either computer screens or mobile handsets. The MAXtv To Go service sends the content that the customers missed to watch to oblivion, because they can now watch a football match, the latest news or favorite TV series when the ‘main’ television set in the house is ‘occupied’ by another family member, while they stand in line in a shop or while they are stuck in a traffic jam”, said Richard Brešković, Director of the Proposition Management and Strategy Fixed Department in HT.

The monthly fee for MAXtv To Go service depends on the selected program package, and the existing users of MAXtv/MAXtv Sat service will be granted a 50 percent discount on the monthly fee for its use. The first program package MAXtv/MAXtv Sat will cost HRK 25 per month, the monthly fee for MAXtv To Go Sports Package will amount to HRK 37.50 and for MAXtv To Go Sports Plus package HRK 45. The monthly fee for the other users of MAXtv To Go service will amount to HRK 50, 70 and 90.

The traffic generated by use of the MAXtv To Go service on the 3G network, in any subscription tariff or voucher-based tariff (including Simpa tariff) is included in the price and will not be additionally charged. The traffic generated via ADSL service will be billed according to the used tariff package.

All users who apply for a MAXtv To Go package by 31 January, can enjoy the service for a month at only HRK 1, without the contractual obligation.

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