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Guiding Principles

  • Customer delight and simplicity drive our action.
  • Respect and integrity guide our behavior.
  • Team together – Team apart.
  • Best place to perform and grow.
  • I am T — count on me.

The system of values that we want to promote in HT is defined by the Guiding Principles of the Company. The Principles provide guidelines that we need to follow in our daily work, that promote ethical behavior, mutual respect, team work, accomplishment of the best results possible in a more simple manner, open expression of opinions, assumption of responsibility and creation of an environment that encourages, recognizes and appreciates exceptional results.

By promoting the common standards of behavior equally towards our customers and our coworkers, we create a working atmosphere that is a pleasure to work in and contribute to the overall business success of the Company. We are all responsible for the promotion of the values and the values are alive to the extent we, Company employees, are living them. We accept the Principles, not as a set of rules that we must obey, but as values that motivate, inspire and fill us with a positive energy. They drive us to achieve the top results, each person in his/her work, in our teams and all together – as a company.

Code of Conduct

HT Code of Conduct sets clear standards of its business conduct based on high ethical principles. Image of the company and the value of its brands are not only dependent on the quality of its products and services, but on the behavior of all of the employees as well.

The HT Code of Conduct was adopted on 9th of May, 2006. It applies to all members of the Deutsche Telekom Group, and

The Code contains long-term formulations and serves as a "living document" that combines values and policies of the Group with maximum transparency.

Inform us about the irregularities

Each employee, business partner, shareholder or beneficiary, may report a violation of the Code of Conduct and other business irregularities, such as fraud or irregularities in business. HT guarantees full confidentiality of the proceedings.

If you have information about illegal or unethical conduct of a HT employee or a partner, file a complaint through our channel. Alerts are strictly confidential.

Mail Hrvatski Telekom
Etička linija
Roberta Frangeša Mihanovića 9
10110 Zagreb
Phone 0800 9823 (work day from 9 to 15 h)
Fax 0800 9824
Download Code of Conduct

SAD! — Anonymous alert system

You can use SAD! to report report any kind of irregularities and violations of the legislation. The system protects your anonymity and functions as a virtual mailbox, allowing anonymous dialogue between you and the people who handle the report (employees of the Croatian Telecom). more

BKMS — Business Keeper Monitoring System

Business Keeper Monitoring System is almost identical to the SAD! system, with a difference that submitted notifications are handled by Deutsche Telekom Group employees in Bonn. more